Winter Vibes At O’hare!

Hello IFC! Yesterday I went spotting at Chicago O’hare and here are the results! Enjoy!

First, an ANA 777 doing some aerodynamic braking

Second, a Lufthansa 747-8 getting wrestled down to the ground

Next, an Air China Cargo 777F with an American 777-200 landing on the parallel runway

I now hate CRJs, this would’ve been a really cool angle

Next, an Etihad 787 pulling the reversers

This United 767 in the Star Alliance Livery did a last-minute sidestep

I haven’t managed to get a good pic of this plane

And finally, an Aer Lingus A330 and an Alaska Airlines 737 in the More To Love Livery taxiing as a United Express CRJ-550 slowing down on 28C

I hope you enjoy! Thanks For Viewing!

Stay Safe!



Why do you hate the CRJ

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It always blocks my shots of good planes

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True other than that great photos

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Cool photos! That damn CRJ

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Loving that Alaska 900! Nice shots!


That hurt 🥲

Nice pic btw

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I can only speak for the CRJ-200, when the plane’s full, it’s not a fun aircraft to be on. All cramped and whatnot.

When it’s empty, it’s a good plane.

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Although I’m happy I get to fly in here to go spotting, it sucks I don’t have a car to drive to that spotting location 😂. Awesome shots Matt, love to see it!

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Nice shots there! Like the ANA 77W

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Awesome shots! Love the colours on that Alaska More To Love livery.


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