Winter Solstice Demo Photo?

Today is the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere. The sun dips to it’s lowest point in the sky all year.

Anyone have any good idea how to showcase this in an IF photo? (or conversely that the sun is highest in the northern hemisphere)


(edit: my mistake - you have no shadow in Singapore at noon on the equinox, NOT the solstice; the sun is directly above the equator on the equinox)

First idea I had was go to Singapore at noon and look for no shadow. But then I realized plane shadows do not project sideways in IF at other times…

What works is going to northern Scandinavia, like ENDU in Norway and noticing that on this day, in solo mode the time slider can’t make the sun set below the horizon.

For photo, could take a shot of the sun’s low position with the local time shown on the bottom screen being night time.

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