Winter n' Stuff @ KGRR

Spring is coming, and finally, the snow is melting. I haven’t posted one of these in a while, so here is everything from Christmas to now in one topic! I was able to catch 3 Allegiant specials, but I haven’t seen the purple one yet.

Starting us off is the one and only, National 757! This guy came in from Miami to pick up some band kids to bring to the Rose Bowl in SoCal

“The Whole Airport Is T”. A Southwest 700 with the California One special lifts off for Denver under a nice gradient-ly blue sky

Here we have a FedEx 757 snowblowing 26L for the GRR plows, she’s bound for Rochester, Minnesota

Special 1/3, this Allegiant A320 wears the “Puss In Boots” colors for the release of the movie. This guy taxis out to 17 (😡) for a flight to Austin, Texas

Special 2/3, I had to do some sneaky stuff nothing illegal, don’t arrest me in order to get this shot. An Allegiant A320 wearing the Winter the Dolphin livery spools up on 17 for Orlando/Sanford

A dying breed of aircraft in the US. An Envoy 145 rockets off for Chicago/O’Hare, only about a month and a half left for these little guys

Nothing really special, but these short winglets are for Jogos. Another cool thing is the Great Lakes silhouette in the window of the new concourse. This Delta 175 arrives in from Minneapolis/St. Paul

Special 3/3, an Allegiant A320 with the Make-A-Wish livery rotates off for Orlando/Sanford. Hoping the purple livery makes an appearance soon!

A Southwest 737-700 lifts off for Baltimore, Maryland under a sunset sky

Special 4/3. After having some incredibly poor time management, I missed the arrival by about a minute. I was able to catch Edward’s departure back to Orlando!


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What did they do with its name in english 😞

Fantastic shots! I love the colors and how they pop

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Lovely photos! I love that Southwest CA One, I haven’t seen it even here in CA but I really would like to spot it sometime

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Beautiful work! I have horrible luck with Edward it’s somehow always delayed when im at the airport :(

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these HAVE to be on Jetphotos they’re so good

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Thanks, Devin, for the reference images for the new terminal extension! I guess I got a little more work to do on KGRR.

The second image will help the most to bring the IF KGRR up to date with the irl version!

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Nooo where are they going??

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I couldn’t agree more.

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Wow! These are amazing photos! What camera do you use?

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@MxP: 😂

@Mr-plane-guy1: Thanks! I like the simplicity of the livery

@KBDLAviation: first time seeing a 321N here!!

@Carson_Byrnes: for sure 😉

@A320_Flyerboy19: mhm, maybe in a future update. The expansion will be completed in June if you wanna hold out until then

@Airplaneking08: the desert to get scrapped, they will be replaced by the 175/170/CRJ-700/CRJ-200 (mostly the 200) this summer

@Wonderousbuilder641: wise words

@Mort: thanks! I use a Nikon D3400 with a 70-300mm lense


Noooo that’s dumb I love the little e145

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Amazing photos!
Got yourself a new follower as well

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