Winter Is Upon Us!

I am headed from this 20 degree weather in Denver to 90 in Dallas…🙄


Dude it’s so cold in CO right now


That looks Coldorado.


wow that is insane weather. Also my first time back looking on the IFC for like ages haha


I am freezing right now. Hope you enjoy the 90 degree heat. It was 75 yesterday and today 25.


That’s probably one of the best US State-related jokes I ever heard 😂😂


Yeah I was here for a few days enjoying the nice weather and now bam!

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Just wait, it’s expected to drop here in Dallas to around 40 degrees Saturday morning.

i live in colorado springs and its so cold. I had to turn the heat on

Just over a year, as you lasted posted on August 17th 2018. Welcome back!

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While Colorado is snowing right now, Anchorage, AK has not had a single drop of snow yet(excluding the mountains).

I can’t wait!!!

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Wait… is it already snowing in the US?

How do you dress for that lol

Montana has waist deep powder so jealous as I am in New England and wanna fly out and ski so

I have no idea why, but
Aviation+extreme weather=😍

Great shot @MacGyver!

Also, good news for us Texans, a cold front should be coming through tonight/tomorrow and highs are expected to be in the 70’s with lows in the 50’s 🥰

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haha as someone who lives in texas i feel your pain. its october and its still hot as heck. thankfully its cooling down this week.

Im so ready for fall weather. im tired of 90 degrees in october lol.

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Wow. Here in Anchorage, Alaska, it’s 40 right now, so… it’s ok to be jealous 😂

Wait… whats winter, I have never heard of it

look at my location -_-