Winter Is In The Air! @KBDL [23 Participating] LANDED! - 042200ZJAN19

Winter Is In The Air - KBDL

Server: Training

Airport: *KBDL

PLEASE stay realistic as possible. As we can remind you this is TRAINING server. Please listen to all ATC commands or use unicom wisely.


KBDL is one of the most underrated airports in Infinite Flight and I would love to give it some love for the New Year! KBDL is growing rapidly with more passengers every year! Connecticut is a wonderful state and it would be awesome to see people flying out of KBDL.

For those of you who don’t know KBDL is the main airport for Connecticut and southern Massachusetts. It is located in Windsor Locks, CT but is usually known for the nearby capital, Hartford, CT. It is the second largest airport in the northeast behind KBOS. And has the length of runway required for an a380 to land at.

Available Gates:

Terminal A 1-12

Gate 1: Air Canada Jazz to YYZ (Toronto) Dash 8: @EverydayNormalGreek
Gate 2: Southwest to KMDW (Chicago - Midway) 737-800:
Gate 3: JetBlue to KMCO (Orlando) a320 or 321: @cargo
Gate 4: Southwest to KBWI (Baltimore/Washington) 737-700: @Plane-Train-TV
Gate 5: JetBlue to KDCA (Washington DC) Erj 190: @TCHeincy
Gate 6: Southwest to KDEN (Denver) 737-800: @Luke_Sta
Gate 7: JetBlue to KMCO (Orlando) a320: @BFabTheAV8R
Gate 8: No Operator——————
Gate 9: Delta to KMSP (Minneapolis/ Saint Paul) Crj 700: @darkeyes
Gate 10: No Operator——————
Gate 11: Delta to KDTW (Detroit) 717: @Lukascrazydude
Gate 12: Delta to KATL (Atlanta) Boeing 717: @Ryan_Poteet

Terminal A 20-30

Gate 20: No Operator——————
Gate 21: United to KDEN (Denver) 737-900:@AIDAN101
Gate 22-23 No Operator——————
Gate 24: Aer Lingus to KDUB (Dublin) 757-200 (a321):
Gate 25: No Operator——————
Gate 26: Spirit to KFLL (Fort Lauderdale) A321: @ge2ri
Gate 27: AA to KPHL (Philadelphia) Crj 700: @BIGGB97
Gate 28: AA to KCLT (Charlotte) A320: @Lufthansa454
Gate 29: AA to KDCA (Washington DC) Crj 200: @Matthew_20204
Gate 30 AA to KCLT (Charlotte) A320: @esant_15



Terminal B (International Arrivals

Gate 1: Air Canada Jazz Dash 8 CYYZ (Toronto)-KBDL: @TenMileJones
(This Route is only for someone wanting to land into the airport for the event.

FedEx Cargo

FedEx Feeder (208 Caravan):
1 to KPOU: @757fan
2 to KHVN (New Haven, CT):
3 to KPQI (Presque Isle, ME):
4 to KILG (New Castle, DE):

FedEx Express (777F or MD11):
1 to KMEM (Memphis): @savavalentin86
1A to KMEM (Memphis): @AviationGaming
2 to K??? (?): @TCHeincy
3 to KEWR (Newark): @Samuel_Ten
3A to KMEM (Memphis): @CaptDan

If you would like to be ATC tell me. Routes can be changed if they are real.
Ground: @ERAU_Hatsune
Tower: @anon82246052
Departure/Arrivals: @Aviator10
If one particular airlines gates are tottaly filled up, I may allow you to use the “No Operator” Gates.

Thanks to @Luke_Sta for letting me use a similar layout.


if it’s TS I can be ground

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Ok thanks! @ERAU_Hatsune

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Would you like to be Tower too because there are only 15 aircraft? Or

I will take Tower

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Could you change the 737-800 from STL to DEN?
If you could I would take that gate

Ok! Thanks for coming

Sure! I would be happy to

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I’ll take gate 24 Aer Lingus to Dublin

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Ok! Please keep in mind that this is operated by a Boeing 757 but you should use an a321. Thanks! Also this Is in TS1, just in case you didn’t know

Yeah I’m aware of that😆 and thanks

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Sorry, just in case. :)

Wish I could come, but I won’t be home.

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Can I have the Southwest gate but to BWI?

Aw sorry you couldn’t come.

What do you mean? Would you like Gate 4? I put you down for gate 4 to KBWI

@MLG_Man, look, your home airport

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@Luke_Sta would you like your gate to be a 737-700 instead since they do use that too.

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Can I have the Delta gate to KMSP? Thanks!

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I’ll take a United 752 to Denver. Sign me up please!

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