"Winter is Coming" @EIDW 24th October

Hello IFC. Here’s my best shots from my spotting session at Dublin a few days ago! To borrow a famous saying; “Winter is Coming.” Unfortunately there will be no more sunny lighting at Dublin until next summer rolls around so get used to it haha. Enjoy!

Airport Operations Info

Departing Runways: 28
Arriving Runways: 28


Canon 500D
55-250mm lens

1 // First up is a Turkish A321neo (TC-LSD) from Istanbul. Turkish Airlines have only recently resumed their service after suspending it due to the pandemic. I only just arrived on time for this guy!

2 // Next we have a shot of a Ryanair 737-800 (EI-EVK) which I thought deserved to be included.

3 // Similar to Turkish Airlines, British Airways have only recently resumed their London Heathrow service at Dublin due to suspending the route as a result of the pandemic. On Saturday it was flown using an A320neo (G-TTND).

4 // An American Airlines 787-9 (N823AN) bound for Dallas!

5+6 // An Air Canada 787-8 (C-GHQQ) breaking the 50km/h speed limit in the old “toothpaste” livery!

7 // A Beech B200 King Air (M-SPOR)! A very unusual catch for Dublin Airport.

8 // A beautiful Qatar 777-300ER (A7-BAS). Yet another pilot breaking the 50km/h speed limit!

9 // An Etihad 787-9 (A6-BLO) in the choose Thailand livery. This bad boy had a very hard landing…

10 // And to finish us off another Boeing from Qatar this time as a 787-8 (A7-BCU)!

And that’s all for today! Thanks for reading. Be sure to let me know which one was your favourite. Mine would have to be number 6!


Awesome pics!

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Thanks mate <3

Very nice photos!

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Thank you!!

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Great shots as per usual Ryan ✈

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Love the Etihad livery with its funky flowers not seen that before. Great shots mate

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Thanks :)

Yeah Etihad always do great liveries. Thanks!

The promised grey skies ;)
Still rather colourful with the Etihad special livery and the American beacon. Thanks for sharing!

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Winter is coming? I am here freezing with my light jacket, I started wearing both a scarf and a hat by the last week of September. The winter seem to start here early. 🥶

My favourites though is the crystal blue Air Canada and beautiful Etihad 787’s. These are amazing catches despite the boring weather outside. Amazing colourful liveries.

I hope to see more older paintings of the AC 787 before they get repainted. They do look more beautiful IMO. 🇨🇦


Amazing shots as always Ryan. I love the Turkish A321NEO. Brilliant catch. Man I cant wait for level 5 to be over so I can go spotting again. Well done mate

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Greats shots I love the head on ones.

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That Qatari 787 is stunning! I like the angle and the grey livery looks good with grey skies, nice shots mate :)

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Sharklets 🤩

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Haha grey skies is the only thing you can predict about Irish weather. Thanks mate :)

I agree the old Air Canada is beautiful and I’ll certainly miss it :( thanks though!

Thanks Luke!


It was certainly in my top 3 from this session. Thank you :D


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