Winter is almost here. @KMSP

Hey IFC!

Winter is almost here! It’s cold, and it should be snowing soon! Hope you enjoy!

First off, we got this Alaskan 739!

Getting some flashbacks with this iAero/Eastern Hybrid

United E170 with a 133rd C130 in the background

Swapping to 30L, we got this C17 chilling on the FBO ramp.

A raccoon mask touching down.

Best Variant of the A330, Change my mind.

Back to 30R, we got this Air Canada touching down.

Gotta love a Delta E175

AA CRJ900 taxiing to 30R

Finally, we got this A321 using reverse thrust!

What’s your favorite photo?
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Hope everybody enjoyed! Hopefully some snow will fall before the next session. Have a great day!


Beautiful pics.

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Thank you!

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Love ur pics!! <3

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Appreciate it!

I’m surprised it hasn’t snowed here yet. Too warm…

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very good indead

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Very strange considering it’s Minnesota

Thank you!

no problem dude

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