Winter in IF

I am curious if the global imagery gets updated for winter?
Here In Canada(at least in Calgary) we’ve had our first snow fall, and it’ll be here for a while. Does anyone know if snowy regions are updated in game or is it just the same scenery?

No, it stays the same.

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No, it does not.

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The satellite imagery is constant throghout the year just as it is constant in google earth. So no it won’t change for winter, but you will notice some areas, especially those in mountainous areas have snow there so if your looking to fly with snow aim there.



Not even google earth gets updated yearly by the way


There’s not sorry. FDS does not have the technology to make different colors on the ground as of now. That doesn’t mean that it won’t happen in the future, but as of now it is impossible. Sorry for the inconvenience.


There is of course winter in a sense. The days and nights get shorter (or longer depending on where you are in the world) due to the day/night cycle mirroring real life, and the temperatures and winds also mirror real life on the live servers, so you can always experience some wintery storms and temperatures depending on where you are in the world. Obviously, however, as stated above the scenery does not change.


I’m sure we’d all love a good #features request though…

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That’s understandable, it just hit me earlier and I thought I’d ask. Thanks for the responses guys!