Winter Flying in Upstate NY After Winter Storm Gale

Hello everyone! This is my first "real" post I've ever done besides my ATC tracking thread, and I don't post at all really so I decided to post something about flight lessons in real life that I am doing currently in Piper Cherokees to eventually achieve my Private Pilot Certificate in a year or two!

Today was a beautiful day beside the snowy runway and minor fog layer we saw, but otherwise, it was calm winds, and smooth flying overall with minor slip on takeoff, taxi, and landing! Today, we did stalls, steep turns, pattern entries with a few passes around the pattern at two different airports, and of course, landings!
When we landed one time at the regular airport I go to (4B0), I got assisted by my instructor because the runway wasn't fully plowed and it was shorter. But today, we headed out to another airport (1B1) with a longer runway and it was in better condition so my instructor allowed me to do an unassisted landing! The first ever landing I did by myself was truly a mesmerizing experience that just felt so riveting! I will never forget this milestone that I have reached in my flight training, and with a supportive instructor, it made it even better! I did a couple more landings at that airport that were also pretty good as well, and I got more comfortable with landing by myself.

Here are some beautiful winter photos were taken from the flight today that are just amazing! Some of these were taken at the airport before I did my flight to show how much snow got pounded on us in the Northeast this Thursday. It was about 30 inches!

These were just incredible sights seen today and some amazing accomplishments were achieved as well. I hope I get more experiences like this in my path to becoming a Private Pilot. Living your dream is the best thing you can do in your life, and if you’re passionate, you have go for it! During this pandemic, this has given me lots to look forward to and a lot of knowledge I once had not known. As a 15-year-old, there is much more to come in this journey, and I am happy to see where it will take me next.

Happy Holidays to everyone and let's make 2021 a great year!


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Wow!!! I love seeing snow while arriving stateside!

Hopefully this snow makes its way to Ireland for Christmas Eve, as storms usually do via the Gulf Stream!

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Here’s a pic of the flight path on FR24:

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