Winter Charter Madness | Innsbruck, March 09, 2019

Hey everybody!

Almost five days have passed since my last spotting topic - a long time, I know! This time, I can’t show you pictures from Munich for a change. Instead, i decided to go to Innsbruck to catch the charter flights operating during winter while weather in Germany was going downhill after some very nice and sunny days while the forecast for Austria wasn’t as bad.

While Innsbruck Kranebitten Airport (INN/LOWI) isn’t known to be a busy hub during summer, it turns into a busy holiday destination on Saturdays between from December to March. Charter flights from many airports in the UK, the Netherlands and Scandinavia fill the apron to bring winter tourists fancying skiing holidays in the Austrian Alps. That combined with a stunning scenery makes Innsbruck a spotting paradise during winter time. So let’s stop talking and get right into the action of an average winter saturday!

I started my first visit to Innsbruck on the airports observation deck which is located in the terminal. With no barriers like glass walls or fences, this terrace offers a stunning view of the apron and all runway movements without any obstructions. Not only do Brits like to visit Austria, Irish people do as well. This TUI 737 with retrofitted split scimitar winglets flaring over Runway 26 arrived from Dublin in the morning.

Slowing down after a flight from Gothenburg is this little “Jumbolino” aka Avro RJ100 of Braathens Regional Airways - BRA [Insert immature joke about the name here]

The most iconic shots from Innsbruck aren’t taken from the observation deck though. Instead, a position located next to river “Inn” offers the most stunning motives with the aircraft departing via runway 26 right in front of the “Nordkette”, a row of mountains just north of the airport. I hope you agree that the background is just amazing - otherwise the following pics might bore you ;)

This British Airways A320 was bound for London Heathrow Airport in front of the mountains.

Not only the average British tourist chooses to visit Innsbruck on a winter Saturday - a fair amount of movements at Innsbruck is performed by General Aviation planes and Business Jets such as this one rocketing out in front of the snowy mountains.

Not only a rocky background but also a rather new livery can be seen departing here. With airberlin’s remains being integrated into the Lufthansa Group also a number of 737 wet-leased from TUIfly Germany joined the fleet of Eurowings. While these planes used to fly around in dull white color schemes with TUI titles or in airberlin colors, the first planes are now wearing the Eurowings livery, a paint scheme that has only been seen on Airbuses so far.

Not limited to the winter is the service of Austrian Airlines to Frankfurt…

…and Vienna, Austrian’s home base.

Another GA plane departing was this little Piaggio Avanti. In my opinion it looks a bit…weird?

The biggest airliner operating out of Innsbruck is TUI’s Boeing 757-200, here seen climbing out in front of a breathtaking background bound for Gatwick.

Taking off to Ryanair’s home base - Laudamotions A320 in the new/real Laudamotion scheme. Previously the airline used a slightly altered version of the airberlin livery.

A rare airliner not only in Innsbruck was the final departure I captured after a long day off spotting. Even though the titles are saying “Faroe Islands” this Atlantic Airways A320 wasn’t departing to Vargar, but to Copenhagen in Danmark.

I hope you liked these shots!

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TLDR service for @dush19: There were a charter planes at Innsbruck I took pics of yesterday


Yaaaaayyy! More of Moritz’s spotting photos! 😍😁

Nice work as always.


Awesome shots, @Moritz!


@Moritz, these are probably the BEST pictures I’ve ever seen! They’re amazing! What is your camera equipment?

I gotta say, the Piaggio Avanti is a really unique airplane. I have seen one myself in Manchester, NH.

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Well yeah, you can’t debate that it’s unique haha

My Equipment was a Canon EOS 80D with the Canon 100-400 lens I can’t be bothered to get the exact name of, if you need the detail it should be in the retro topic ;)

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Holy Crap…♥️♥️

These photos are beyond stunning. 😍 I hope to see more Innsbruck action later on @Moritz.

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Holy someone take me to Innsbruck already. Beautifully executed @Moritz!

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Thanks guys!

Not sure if I spoil you 🤔 Maybe I should do my next spotting session with my phone only just to lower expectations for the future a bit 🤔👀😂

Absolutely inspiring! I love all of them! Even though I really like the BA! well-done as always @Moritz!

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The first pics are now available on Jetphotos! Maybe you can spot some TUI 757s on FlightRadar24 😉

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