Winter Break Trip to Naija - Miami to St. Louis

Alright folks, as I wrap up this winter break trip, I would like to wish my self a HAPPY BIRTHDAY as I turned 22 years old. On my 22nd year of my life, I am looking forward into new things and starting my next chapter of college education. So as I celebrate my 22nd birthday in Miami, I had enough joy and fun and now time to head home back to St. Louis. So let’s get back in the sky aboard American Airlines Flight 1569 from Miami to St. Louis 🇺🇸.

Final Flight: American Airlines Flight 1569 - Miami to St. Louis 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Destination: St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport (KSTL)
Flight Time: 2hrs 57mins
Server: Expert

We have arrived at Gate D44 on time and here is our ride home to St. Louis after our winter break vacation in Nigeria. What a great time we had. So let’s start boarding our flight home.

Taxiing out of our gate heading to RWY 26L for takeoff

Preparation for takeoff as we line up RWY 26L at MIA airport

Off we go we took off. Goodbye Miami 😞. But we’ll be back next Christmas 2022 😃

Climbing out of Miami as we bank to our right, heading Northwest, flying over Doral Florida 🇺🇸

Cruising at FL380, flying over Birmingham Alabama 🇺🇸 as we enter CST timezone. The flight attendants handed out a choice of drinks plus Biscoff cookies and pretzels. I chose sprite. Looks like sprite is my favorite soda since it doesn’t contain that such sugar and caffeine.

Then a few hours later, we have descended and flying over Cape Girardeau, getting near St. Louis. We are almost home

Here we are on final RWY 11 about to touchdown in St. Louis as we prepare for landing as it gets dark

After we landed in St. Louis, we taxied to our terminal, crossing RWY 6 after exiting RWY 11

And that wraps up our winter break trip to Nigeria as we arrive at Gate C10 at St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport. Welcome Home folks.

That completes our Winter 2021 Break Trip to Nigeria and a short vacation to Miami after a looonnng flight from Doha on Qatar Airways. I would like to thank you for traveling with us to Nigeria and Miami as we have ended out the year 2021, entering the year 2022. So have a blessed New Year and start new, fresh and energized. Be safe and have a great night Infinite Flight Community. I will be traveling again and posting shots upon the next trip in the spring.