[WINNERS] Grand Screenshot Competition 2022

Hello and a warm welcome to the Grand Screenshot Competition 2022, a brand new project with the aim of achieving excellence among the screenshotting community at Infinite Flight, featuring several changes and innovations to bring a true competition to life. All of this for the sake of bringing the best screenshotters together to share, innovate and bring things never before seen.

For a while we have seen numerous screenshot contests that have used basic methods, being a simple vote for one choice over the other, the one winner qualifying for the next round. Tried and tested, and works beautifully. With innovation in mind, we’re bringing in new features of screenshot competitions. And what are they?

Each round will as usual be judged by you, the audience. Each contestant is brought to the first round against their opponent and we vote on who’s shot is better. However this is not the end of it, as this is where the response round comes in and the battle commences again. Whoever wins will be decided based on the sum of each percentage going to them in the round, out of 200 points. This is done to allow for a more competitive scene in the form of countering your opponent and earning a rebound.

More shots, more competition and more fun!

Please find below the general guidelines for the #screenshots-and-videos category, given that this competition will follow so:

  1. All shots must follow the guidelines of the category, as stated above.

  2. Participants may not show a shot they will use before the round they will use them on, they also may not use a shot they have used before, be it on the IFC or social media platforms; this may be done after.

  3. You may not use the same screenshot twice throughout the competition

  4. You may not market your own or any side in the vote, let the voter have their vote.

  5. Ensure that the photo is your own and not nicked from wherever you resell stolen goods.

  6. Every shot must be submitted via Direct Message

  7. Ultimately, have fun! This competition is made for the purpose of having a good time and appreciating the efforts of other screenshotters, so please do not take it seriously, and that means keep the discussions civil and cordial :^)

We have decided on a maximum of 32 contestants to join the competition as the ideal metric to do so, given the convenience of narrowing down winning and losing contestants with equal amounts of rounds for doing so. 16 participants will qualify for the real rounds, which will be decided in an initial elimination round. You may have also noticed a “Small Final” category in the leaderboard. This will be classed as a match between the two contestants to have lost the semi-final rounds who now have the chance to score a third place overall.

How to Register:

If you are willing to register for the event, please shoot me a DM @ @Tsumia. We will allow up to 32 contestants, so do be quick!

Current Participants:

See List

Thanks for tuning in, may the best screenshotter win!

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I won’t be participating, but I sure will be voting!


Excited to see your involvement! All votes count!


Can the photo be edited?

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As long as it follows the guidelines of the category:


Awesome! I will apply when I get home!


Tayt you’re not invited, you DM me to join here

I vote for @MrMrMan. He’s not in the list yet? Well, there goes my challenge to him then 😉


If you’re calling him you’re also going against him whether you join or not :^)


Haha! Good one. I like the spirit. Fair enough ;)
I have top 5 most liked picture on a VA’s IG so I’ll try to see if my skills are still there. But I have solid competition if I call out a certain @John370 too :)



This competition has reached 16 participants! What does this mean? Any new signups to the competition will come with the bonus of the inclusion of an elimination round, a Free For All matchup between all contestants to narrow down the Top 16 qualifiers to battle head-to-head!


Ooh, hello. I think I’ll join. Take back my crown. 😉

(jk… Unless… we’ll have to see👀)


Hi! May I please join? Thanks!

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Please DM me :^)

Always check the instructions on the thread!

Sign me up!

Only 10 spots are left for any willing participants, therefore it is advised to reserve your spot as early as possible, considering it can fill up at any time!

Dropped a good ol’ PM!
Can’t wait!


Sign me up, I’m in!

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Just so you know @OregonAviaton name is spelled wrong on the participation list. When he made it his name he misspelled it so there is no “I” in “tion”