[WINNERS] Grand Screenshot Competition 2022

When I feel that it is useful to start ranking them. For now it’s not appropriate since there are too many ties.


Trying to raise the tension while waiting are we? XD

That’s why you knock people’s socks off early doors :^)


Yes and no :)

I see some edited ones that aren’t allowed 👀

Anyway, they all look extremely good!

I will amend and enforce further by the time battles start, since people get a little biased and drawn to overly edited shots that not everyone has the photoshop skills to replicate fully. Seems like it didn’t appear to everyone that the rules clearly show as stated:


Good luck to all participants :)


So i’m guessing this applies to my shot, therefore I’m disqualified?

No, but it’s for future notice, I will let it slide for you since it wasn’t a fully decided upon decision.


Gotta give it to ya, it looks amazing.


your shot looks gorgeous!

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Just out of curiosity, when does voting close?

Not releasing anything just yet, but the results so far are remarkably interesting 👀


RIP I wish I saw this earlier so I could join

Hopefully mine is in front 👀

This moment now marks the end of voting for the elimination rounds, no time to count since Google Forms is heroic in doing it by itself! A few days ago, all 32 participants who’ve signed up have battled against each other simultaneously with the goal of snagging a Top 16 spot that lets them qualify further. Today, we will be deciding who will be qualifying further by looking at these results.

Remember, only the 16 best participants will pass on!

The Results

Position Participant Score Qualified
1 @CaptainAli_YT 32 Yes
2 @TheGlobalAviator 31 Yes
3 @Airborne_Canuck 31 Yes
4 @Rich_PJ 29 Yes
5 @Oregon001 28 Yes
6 @MJP_27 26 Yes
7 @TheAviation_YT 26 Yes
8 @BP-Aviation 25 Yes
9 @Aviation108 23 Yes
10 @Pingu 23 Yes
11 @ThePotato 22 Yes
12 @KbAv 21 Yes
13 @CHUNGUSflys 20 Yes
14 @callaa 19 Yes
15 @parson 19 Yes
16 @Drew 19 Yes
17 @barbadian 18 No
18 @the_ding 17 No
19 @Fourthnebula919 17 No
20 @NvAviator 17 No
21 @Ethan_Brown 14 No
22 @Cooper 12 No
23 @geauxsaints 11 No
24 @OregonAviaton 11 No
25 @anon28705166 10 No
26 @A10f4ang 9 No
27 @Harrison_EGLL 9 No
28 @Trent 8 No
29 @canton 8 No
30 @Avaitor1 8 No
31 @AviatorRyan 7 No
32 @ybtl.aviation 6 No

Score is measured by frequency of voters who have selected their shot.

Qualifying members will be contacted as a group shortly!


GG everyone and good luck to the remaining participants

LETS GO! Now do we submit another photo or do we continue with this one?

All shots for every prompt will have to be different.