[WINNERS ANNOUNCED] The IFSC Summit Volume 3.0: Double Swiss!

Welcome | IFSC Summit Vol 3.0

Current Status: 18 Participating [FULL]

Hosted by @AndrewWu and @ran

Calling all plane spotters! Come test your skills against others in the hobby in the third installment of our summit. Whether novice, intermediate, advanced, we will accommodate you in a fair and fun competition. This time, we will be using a non-eliminating double Swiss Tournament system. This means that if you don’t have the best photo for a particular section, you won’t be eliminated from the entire competition because of it. Let’s take a look at more specifics!

Double Swiss Tournament

Once you enter, you will be randomly entered into one of three groups. Within each group, there will be two preliminary rounds (random matchups). The results of the first two rounds will be used to seed the actual tournament. Note: If the results of the preliminary round contradict the level of photos we have seen from you, we will move your seed. Purposefully submitting photos you know aren’t near your best goes against the spirit of the competition.

In the actual tournament, three groups will be created by seed, and within each group there will be five rounds, with all randomized matchups. A win will net you one point, a loss will net you no points, and a tie will net you half a point. At the end of five rounds, ties in points will be broken by the margin by which you won/loss your rounds. Highest point total wins.

The preliminaries have no photo restrictions. The photo restrictions for each round of the actual competition are as follows:

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
None Heavies Only No Heavies GA & Cargo None

Some other general rules:

  1. Both air to ground and air to air shots will not be accepted for the purposes of this tournament.
  2. Heavy photoshops (such as adding a rainbow or moon) will not be accepted for the purposes of this tournament.
  3. One of the two photos for the preliminary round may be re-used in the actual tournament. Re-using photos during the actual tournament is not allowed.

How to Enter

Create a PM with @ran & @AndrewWu, with your photo for the first preliminary round, your camera equipment (camera/lens), and how long you’ve been spotting for. If you cannot create a PM, drop a reply saying so and one of us will PM you.

After all entries are processed, preliminary groups will be made and you will be added to one of four PMs. Communication for this event will mostly occur in those PMs. After the preliminary rounds are over, you will be added into one of three new PMs which will serve as the divisions for the actual tournament.





This is going to be very fun!

Save me a spot. I’m trying to find photos

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Triple S unite 🙃


Make sure to add AndrewWu & me to your PMs. Please don’t forget to add your picture (obviously), camera equipment, & your spotting experience (How long you’ve been spotting for).

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We will start in a few days or when we deem enough participants.

Is this like multiple people as a group submission or solo?

it’s solo

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This is something I would love to join, I can’t create a PM for some reason so if either one of you two can make one that’d be great.

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We’re up to 10! Keep the submissions coming.

Looking for at least four more participants!

I’m thinking about it, don’t know if my pics are good enough.

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There are preliminary rounds before we seed the actual tournament, so don’t worry!

Just a quick question, how many participants do you need before we can start?

Probably going for 18

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Alright, thanks for the info.

One more person and we can begin.

Filled it up 🙂

Nice, I’m excited to see the entries.

Welcome to Seeding Group 1’s First Preliminary! Polls close in 24 hours. Please consider the photo as a whole and not just the rarity/size of the aircraft shown in the photo. Names omitted to reduce bias.

  • Singapore 777-300(ER)
  • Red Arrows

0 voters

  • United 737-800 (Star Wars)
  • Sun Country 737-800

0 voters

  • Virgin Atlantic A350-1000
  • UPS 747-8(F)

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Happy Voting!


okay but like that ups 748 daaaym