[WINNER ANNOUNCED] The Great IFC Screenshot Competition

Welcome to the Great IFC screenshot competition

Presented by: @Mateo_CD

Current status: WINNER ANNOUNCED

Wanna presume your photo skills? Wanna show your best moments in Live? Wanna impress with your best screenshots in the IF? Wanna share amazing views and landscapes? Well, this is the right place for you! Welcome everyone to the great IFC screenshot competition. From mountains, to formation flights, to big boys with metal wings. It would be awsome if we do this amazing competition. Come in and join the competition to show your creativity on the pictures. It promises to be a fun, unique and massive competition.

How the competition will be?

The competition will consist by elimination: If you lose, you are out. We will start with 32 participants, in 2 groups: Group A and Group B (16 each other). They will show their best screenshots… for the win. But, we have to follow some rules.

Rules of the competition

  1. Every participant who joins this event has to respect the Category Guidelines. This means: no HUD, no hard photoshops, and no meme photos.

  2. Videos, GIFs or something similar are not allowed in this competition.

  3. All the pictures must be yours. The edits are at your own.

  4. Hard photoshops are not allowed, according to the rule #7 on the category rules (Photoshops that include any feature not in the simulator)

  5. Please ensure that your photos are on high quality.

  6. Here is the funny thing of the competition: Moonshots are not permitted. You may ask why?

Moonshots are probably the best thing that a #screenshots-and-videos topic can have. So it means that a moonshot can have a win easly. So, to remain the quantity of this awsome competition, moonshots are denied in this competition. Please be creative with your photos. :=)

  1. Be aware that there will be no prize for the competition. Is just participation and fun.
  2. Screenshots related with the 21.1 Open Beta are not allowed in this competition
  3. Have a lot of fun. This competition will be awsome :)

How to signup?

  • To signup, please commemt below or PM me to let me know that you are participating. Please do not PM me with photos.
  • When the competition gets full, each group will recieve a group PM with some instructions on how to submmit a photo.
  • Do not submmit a photo unless instructed in the group PMs otherwise.
  • You can check the progress in those competition tables below.

Current competition Status

Group A

16 Participants 8 participants Quater Finals (4 Participants) Semifinals (2 participants)
@Pilot_Felix (Eliminated) @Aviation108
@applepro243 @applepro243
@Xaro (eliminated) @applepro243
@Infinite_Qantas (went out from comp) @applepro243
@The_Real_Plane_Spott @The_Real_Plane_Spott
@tunamkol (Eliminated) @The_Real_Plane_Spott
@BritishAirways001 (Eliminated) @Airborne_Canuck
@FlyIf_0011IFPA (eliminated) @EpicLegend29
@EpicLegend29 @Suhas
@999aviation (Eliminated) @Suhas @fly.akm
@El_YuainXD (Eliminated) @fly.akm
@Drxw (eliminated) @fly.akm
@Zhopkins @Zhopkins

Group B

16 Participants 8 participants Quater Finals (4 Participants) Semifinals (2 participants)
@IF_International (Eliminated)
@Butter_Boi @Butter_Boi
@Mo_Alz (Eliminated) @Butter_Boi (disqualified)
@AviationFreak @AviationFreak
@TransportForLife @TransportForLife
@Ethan_Brown (Eliminated) @TransportForLife
@Aviation2929 @TransportForLife
@Patrick_McCormack (disqualified) @Aviation2929
@captain_trooper (Eliminated) @Pingu (self-disqualified) @darkeyes
@MJP_27 (Eliminated) @darkeyes @Tsumia
@Rich_PJ (Eliminated) @Tsumia
@bbrockairbus (Eliminated) @Tsumia
@CrazyMinecart12 (Eliminated) @DIEGO11


Group A Group B
@applepro243 @Tsumia

So… let’s have fun in the competition. Hope to see you there in this amazing #screenshots-and-videos competition. Everyone is welcome :)

See you there!



  • This competition is no way affiliated or sponsored by Infinite Flight LLC or any VA/VO.
  • All of the pictures shown in this thread are mine.
  • This thread has been approved by the moderation team.

Sign me up :)


Awsome! Group A

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I would like to join this 😊


[evil laugh intensifies]

Signed up. Please wait until you get a competitor to destroy ;)


sign me up please :)

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Signed up :)

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sign me up pls…

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Signed up :)

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Sign me up! I’d love to obliterate compete with @Aviation108!


Sign me up for group A pls

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Sign me up!

SiGN mE Up! Please

Sign me up! :)

I’m already signed up, and I can’t wait till your hopes and dreams get crushed this starts!

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All signed up! Enjoy :)

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Looks like I’m not gonna make it past Round 1 before all my hopes and dream sget crushed.

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19 Spots left everyone!

Right back at you! 😉

Thanks for the friendly competition! It’s gonna be nice to watch you cry after being annihilated see all the photos!