Winner Announced! SimCaptain’s 2020 Livery Designing Contest

The results are in, and we have our finalists! Congrats to @anon7075715, who captured 44% of the semifinal votes, and to @Thunderbolt, who got 28%. I was truly surprised with the awesome designs I received. Thanks @Butter_Boi and @JAYLAF747 for the talent you brought to the semifinals.

Here are the final two liveries.

@anon7075715’s Infinite Flight 9 Years Anniversary Livery

Background by @Altaria55

@Thunderbolt’s Deercrusher American Eagle Livery

Please vote for the design and not the fancy background.

  • Infinite Flight 9 Years Anniversary Livery
  • Deercrusher American Eagle Livery

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Voting ends 2020-05-17T04:59:00Z

I hope to do many more aviation related competitions in the future so keep an eye out for em’!


Wow that’s actually a hard one, but I love the design of the IF 9 years livery

The front looks like Air Canada’s livery


Lot of talented artists on IFC!

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The background of @anon7075715’s design is my picture lmao

Where’s my credit smh


I credited you in the semifinals. I’ll edit it so you are credited here.

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Deercrusher CRJ 100%. To me, the Infinite Flight 9 years livery looks to similar to the current livery.


It was great to be a competitor and reach the semifinals. Although I didn’t make top 2, that’s ok, these two liveries are great.good luck to both of you in the final poll!

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Let’s go for DeerCrusha

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Congrats to our winner, @anon7075715!

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Never really thought I would win…I entered solely for the enjoyment of it. Thank You to everyone on the Infinite Flight Community that voted for me. @JAYLAF747, @Butter_Boi and @Thunderbolt - Thank You for participating alongside me, the competitive atmosphere was definitely there! I hope there can be more of these competitions in the near future. 🙂


I’m confused…

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It was great to see all 4 of these liveries, and compete with some great people, @anon7075715, @Thunderbolt, and @JAYLAF747. Thanks to the people that voted for me, even though I didn’t even make the finals. It was fun to make a livery, and see who made the best one, and I hope to do this again sometime!


Haha oops that was supposed to say monday😓😓😓

You should do another, I saw this too late. Here’s one I threw together anyways, I’m not too happy with it.


The devs should actually consider using that for their 2021 livery. It looks awesome!

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Haha thanks!

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That’s real nice, especially the transition from white to black, vice versa.

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