[WINNER ANNOUNCED] First Ever IFC Tag-Team Spotting Competition

Welcome to the first-ever IFC Tag Team Spotting Competition!


Entering The Competition

  • It’s preferred that you communicate with someone beforehand to form a team. However, I will allow you to randomly nominate someone to join you. Please, no random nominations of @Cameron_Stone, @Moritz, @den.aviation, @HiFlyer, or @Altaria55 (or me, I won’t be competing). This is for their sanity so they don’t get spammed with requests. If one of you five wants to join this competition, you will be the one posting the reply to this thread, not the other person.

  • Once your reply has been posted, the team member who didn’t post the reply needs to like the reply. Once that happens, you guys have officially been entered.

  • I’m not sure how many teams we’ll get, it’s probably going to be eight but we might do sixteen.

The Competition

  • It will be a single-elimination head to head competition, same as usual.

  • One person will be the designated shooter and one will be the designated editor. I don’t care who’s who as long as it stays consistent through the competition. Obviously, I can’t enforce this (for the most part), but for the sake of having fun please follow this. If you feel the need to cheat to win a spotting competition on IFC then I don’t know what to tell you at that point.

  • I will make a group PM with the teams once we have our desired number. From that point on, the editor will have 48 hours to send me the edited image. Please also include your shooter’s camera gear and the name of your editing software.

  • After each round, the winners will have 48 hours to send an image for the next round. I’ll try to be lenient but 48 hours should be plenty of time since everyone is on coronacation anyways.

  • This competition is lenient on categories. The first round will be narrow bodies only. Any round following is totally open.

  • Voting will happen in replies on this thread. Both team members can vote for your own shot. Don’t ask other people to vote for you. If I catch you doing so ( @anon41771314 ), nothing will happen except I’ll probably laugh at you for a little bit.

Start dropping your replies below to enter! Have fun everyone!


I wish I could get some fresh photos for this competition but my local airport has suspended operations so I can’t spot anything except Cessnas


You got anything from the past?

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Well I got few good pictures from last week

Or team up with someone who does

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@Guxk yo yo yo

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Even if your local airport is open you should be staying at home. Cases of COVID-19 have been detected in almost all of the world’s countries. Staying at home will slow the spread of the virus.


That’s what I’ve been doing;) Just staying home with IF and IFC


Good :)

Just to clarify, my comment wasn’t aimed at you or anyone in particular. It applies to everyone everywhere.

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Sign up me and @GlobalFlyer1


Question. Can the picture be from either person?
This is also my entry.
Me and @Luke_Sta


One person takes the picture and one person edits

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@JacksonAviation wanna do this??


@KPIT let’s do this.

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@Ruky do u want to give this a go?

Me and @Speedbird_286 are giving this a go!

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@Moritz?? Since your edits are boring it would have to be me doing the editing :P


@AndrewWu are there gonna be round specific categories?


Only for the first round (narrow bodies) everything else is open.

Kinda awkward, but I had actually PM’d someone else about being a team. If they can’t for sure, I’ll let you know as soon as I know…

Sorry… 😐