Wingtip updates

Some airlines have modified their aircraft wingtips and I think this needs to be updated in IF as well. Example below on an A320 from wingtip fences to sharklets:
Jetstar VH-VFL (Shown October 2014) - February 2015

Jetstar VH-VFL February 2015 - Now

Close up on a Wizzair aircraft of wingtip fences to sharklets:

Post more below as links if you want to :-)


Go Jet! yes sharklets will be all super.


Yeah they look so much more aerodynamic and stylish to me :-) Vortex effect of sharklets/no sharklets on a 737 below:

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i hope there will be fixed, because i fly with the old machine Turkish Airlines 320, omg take-off and Landing uncomfortable. But am flying with the sharklets 321 beatifull flying and very comfort. :-)

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Is it possible for scimitar wingless on 737


Post a link to a picture as an example if you want it

Not the best quality of pics

@Darren_Watson - One pic per request please.

Apologies I’ll try sort this

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No worries.

Is this OK for info

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PLEASE no Sharklets on Airbusses. Please!
Boeing can stick them on their ugly 737s, but please keep the beauty of an Airbus.
Only wingtip fences on Airbusses please.


I prefer the “Dorito” wing tips instead of sharklets.


Same here!

I prefer the sharklets so much more :-) But that was just an example, you can post other wingtip updates too (not just wingtip fence to sharklets) @BavariaAVIATION @emir_sergio @Tosin_Salisu

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Yes. Love sharklets. Dorito chips look plain ugly


What about the A330s and A340s? Boeing 737s look fine to me.

They don’t have that huge winglets like the 737s. I hate the 737s, especialy the -700. Huge winglets, huuuge rudder and a cockpit looking like a non-sharpened pencil, ugh - not my cup of tea :)

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