Wingtip glitch B757

I am currently flying from SFO-OGG enjoying the views when I came across this glitch. I can see the strobe light flashing and I can see the NAV light however I cannot see the actual wingtip.

How I found this was in the cockpit left view, if you zoom in you can see that is the wingtip as it bounces because of turbulence.

Here are some images to this.

Information on device and app settings

  • iPad 8th generation 56gbs remaining
  • I am running Infinite Flight 21.07
  • iPadOS is 14.8.1
  • All settings are on High, anti-aliasing is on and it runs on 30fps

Something to note, it doesn’t happen on the cockpit right side.

It might be hard to tell but the lights in the images are strobe and nav lights.

Basically the wingtip isn’t rendering in.


That had never happened to me! I do not know if it is something that is already known, but I think it does not affect much, and I suppose it is on the list to correct this, but it will not be taken importance for now since there are priorities.

I’m going to take it out later, to see if I can reproduce the problem.


Yea, it doesn’t affect how the aircraft flies or handles or any of this. It is just a visual bug that I came across.

Yes of course! you can safely fly. Good luck on your next flights.


Well then it seems you’ve solved the problem yourself, it’s nothing more than a visual bugπŸ˜…

I knew it was a visual bug, but I am just putting it out there as a bug that I noticed. So as long as the support team saw this post its fine.

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Makes sense, its always good to notify someone about a bug!

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