Wingtip Fences vs Winglets

Sorry if this is already a topic. Just from looking at them, the wingtip fences don’t look as near as effective. Is there a logical reason and are they better than winglets?

Sharklets are winglets…

Scimitars :)

Made A Poll

  • Sharklets (New A320 Retro Fiting and neo)
  • Winglet
  • Split Winglet (ex:737 MAX, Scimitar etc)
  • Wingtip Fence (Old A319, A320 etc)

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Argh this is killing me.

Here is a correct representation of winglet types:

  • Blended Winglets marketed as “Sharklets”
  • Blended Winglets
  • Standard Winglets (See 747-400)
  • Split Scimitars (Retrofits)
  • Split Scimitars (737 MAX)
  • Wingtip fences
  • Raked Wingtips
  • Others (Spiroid, 737-200, MD-11)

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I must say on older aircraft like 747-400 and a few others winglets look beautiful but on other’s not so much

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