Wingtip fence design (looking for help)

In the near future I will be starting a little project I’ve always really wanted to do. It will involve wind tunnel testing of a wing and wingtip fence.

Details of the wing

The wing is 40 meters tall separated into two sections: leading edge (LE) and trailing edge (TE). The cord length naturally decrease towards the wing tip (LE ~= 1,6m and TE~= 1m). The profile of the LE is NACA0025 and the profile of the TE is NACA0012. There is an angle between the two which can vary between 15 and 25 degrees. A small gap of about 10cm is present between the two parts.

For technical reasons, I’ll be testing wingtip fences and not winglets (needs to be simetrical). So here is where I’m seeking help. I don’t need the wingtip fence to be the best possible design, I just need to have a somewhat acceptable design. One that has a positive effect in normal conditions. Being angle of attack of about 12 degrees and speeds between 20 and 40kts. I’m looking for any previous study made on this kind of wingtip device that could help me choose my dimensions. Currently I was thinking of using this model I found:



The problem is that it was studied in completely different conditions as what I need. I was wondering if anyone knows (precisely) what affects the various dimensions. I’m planning on keeping the same design , but I don’t know wether to stretch it, change some angle, etc… like I said it doesn’t need to be the best as that would mean an iteration process testing various possibilities. I just need something adequate from a theoretical point of view.

A big thank you in advance to anyone that may be able to point me out to studies or knows these kind of things. It would be great especially if someone already has the knowledge like an engineer. I’m sure in this community there are plenty of people studying these kinds of things. If you are interested in more details as to what the tests consist in don’t hesitate to pm me. And if more details are needed to answer the question I’ll have them right away!


Isn’t that the A300’s wingtip?

by A380spotter, on Flickr

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Might be… but it’s not what I need. Basically I’ll have a quite different wing. And I’d like to adapt the wingtip fence to my wing. Problem is that it’s not really something linear you just scale. So I’ll need to adapt it and my question is how. I’ve got a few ideas, but I’d like something more formal. Especially since my testing won’t be trying to find the best wingtip fence. It’s not my point, it’s a proof of concept.

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Also I was thinking on putting it on the TE part. But I might (depending on the time I’ll have in the wind tunnel) try it on the LE part. Considering the geometry, it can’t be something that covers both.

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