Wings Over Pittsburgh Virtual Event! @ KPIT - 151600ZJUL18

Server: Casual

Region: Pittsburgh

Airport: KPIT

Time: All Day

NOTAM: You just Register to be in the show

Unfortunately this year it seems there will be no real Wings Over Pittsburgh, so we will have the next best thing an IF event!

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The event will begin shortly before lunch EST, and hopefully last much of the day (Schedule will be determined later pending a full list of performances) there will be viewing locations, and a VA promotion section of sorts. Some VAs may have shows, but those with no show can still show up, and advertise their VAs (more details upon submission) There will of course be acrobatic displays, and possibly a group flight to downtown Pittsburgh! Best of all a landing comp!


(None currently)


If you wish to register as a VA you must submit here ( expect a PM on IFC to work out details after you submit


To submit to be in the show you must be a VA, or be able to do something, (Flying a C172 in circles is not something) Some skill should also be present to participate in the landing comp…


Most importantly NO trolls what so ever will be tolerated! Please act respectfully and enjoy the show. (The airspace will be effectively closed, no arrivals or departures)

Landing Comp

To enter please use this form (

All participants will use the Airbus A330, and be judged by a professional judge.

Avalabe assistant positions

Judge 1:
Judge 2:
Judge 3:

Event VP:

Pleas PM me about any staff positions…

Pleas till me if you will be attending, thanks!

Check this thread for updates, and hope to see you there!


Please have the title in the proper format. Thanks.

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Please follow Event title guidelines next time :)

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Oh shoot forgot about the title, give me a sec…

Should be resolved now, thanks!

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Now it is resolved after my edit… Please learn from this time and follow the proper guidelines


Anyone with ideas, I am totally open to adding more, just let me know…

Just applied OSDF’s demo teams to your airshow, I cant wait to have our team perform for you :)

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Ya sorry, Apple spell check is pretty good, but not dyslexia proof😂

Thanks for pointing that out let me fix it!

We still only have one for the landing comp, that would be boring!

Don’t forget to sign up to perform too!

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We still only have one, any ideas how I could make it better?

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Come on guys! we need more people for this event!

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@DeltaMD88Fan your chances of winning the comp are 100% now… 😂

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Now they aren’t! We got two, can we get more? Who knows!

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I’m in with a F9 A321


We need more people! Lest go!

We seriously need more people, or else this event will be canceled…

The thing is you announced your event 9 weeks before its supposed to happen so the reason why people arent signing up is becuae they have no idea what their schedule will be in the middle of July (at the beginning of May). The earliest you should announce is 4-5 weeks before the event date, so you should have announced it around now.

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So you are a no @JIA_345? Just want to make sure…

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Yeah I was going to go then realized sub ended on the 13

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