Wings over Illawarra - The Sydney Airshow


Wings Over Illawarra Airshow 2019

Located at Albion Park Airport [YWOL]

G’day everyone,
This year I attended Sydney’s airshow down at YWOL (Wollongong) Airport and got a coupla shots to show you guys!

I managed to go on Day 2.
The day started off pretty nice, but then conditions got pretty messy throughout the day and the winds started gusting like crazy and we had a bit of a storm coming through, especially round the end of the day where a performance from the Russian Roolettes had to be cancelled midway through due to what seemed like a very close call with the mountains…

Otherwise, it was a great experience and an awesome opportunity to check out some of the aircraft from the RAAF and private owners that look absolutely stunnin in the air.

Anyway, to the photos:

Pictured below, the red aircraft is a PC-21 from the RAAF Roulettes that did some stunning solo aerobatics and group aerobatics. The other aircraft pictured is the RAAF Hawk 127…

Here we have four of the PC-21 RAAF Roulettes doing a nice little fly pass over us to start off the day!

Next up, is the famous C-17A Globemaster ||| from the RAAF giving us a fly by as it is too large to land at YWOL!

Here we have Paul Bennet’s Wolf Pitts pro performing some amazing aerobatics for everyone in Wollongong!

Below pictured, is the Beech 18 taxiing to the runway, meanwhile winds are picking up like crazy and becoming very gusty

10 mins later, you can see how far the conditions have worsened, but the show must go on!

The Russian Roulettes then take the stage, but unfortunately due to a near miss from the conditions, the remainder of the performance is canceled, but their performance was still stunning!

Thanks for checking this out, if you’d like more info about this great airshow, click here



It’s a yes from me 😍

Awesome shots Lucas.

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Cheers, Lachlan 😍.

That looks so amazing I wish I could be there!😍

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Nice shots!

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These pictures are just amazing. I wish i was able to attend this year but definitely going next year as it seems just so much fun.

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Great Shots

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