Wings Over Illawarra Air Show

Not much to say, its an airshow in NSW

Rouletts are the Australian Air Force display team. Flying the Pc21 there are 7 members in the group though in this display only 6 were in attendance

The Grumman Tracker, an aircraft used to track Submarines in the ocean

de Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou used in the Australian Air Force during Vietnam as a transport plane. The Caribou has some pretty neat short field landing capabilities and is able to use reversers on the ground

Can you name all the aircraft in this mass formation?

F-35 Lightning living up to its name of the lightning, roaring those skies

A replica of the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 made an appearance. Its iconic painted spiral spinner used during the war to identify that it was a German aircraft. They recreated a chase with 2 Australian spitfires simulating WW2

The Avenger and Corsair flying formation

Made in Czech Republic, the Albatross is a really quiet plane

This has to be the most iconic plane of WW2

Corsair taxing in the rain for some high speed low passes

Special Extra Picture because its the only one flying in the world

Ill add this one in. This super consolation was bought out (from some overseas airline) and restored then painted into the Qantas livery. This is believed to be the only flying Super Consolation flying in the world currently


Awesome pictures :D

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Fun fact: The Fw 190A-8 replica is painted as German ace Hans Dortenmann’s machine. He flew in the Luftwaffe from 1941 to 1945, and achieved 39 kills in 150 missions.

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wow i love the corsair. best plane ever no question

Really outstanding photos! I agree with @Oregon001 - the Corsair is my favorite. That one has some kind of heavy metal feel to it. Thick bent wing roots, massive engine, and cowl flaps extended like some kind of reptile.

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Beautiful photos! I was gonna go to this this year forgot about it though

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