Wings Over Houston | Spotting Showcase

Hello everyone, today I have another spotting trip to share with you, WOH Airshow! This took place about 3ish months ago, so it is kinda recent. I really hope you do enjoy these photos as much as I had taking them.

What camera do you use?
-I use a cannon rebel T5 with 75-300mm lens.

How often to do you spot?
-It really depends on the month, on average, 1 time a week.

What is you favorite plane to spot?
-Personally, the 787. I am starting to enjoy the A350 and 777 much more than I have before

Previous Spotting Showcases:

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Please feel free to use any of these pictures, but please do provide credit.
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Please do feel free to give me suggestions or something that will enhance the conversation. Thank you <3


I was there too! Did you check out the USCG C-130 display?

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Yes I did! It was amazing!


Wow! Those are really nice photos! I really like the C-17 picture, and the Blue Angels display :)

I’ve never heard of “AEROSHELL”.

Yup! Some of my favorites too! #6 Angel had to come down early for technical issues.

They have been around for quiet awhile. They kinda look like twisty tuner hats and a kid with glasses on the bottom

I was also there! Love the WOH airshow…Tora is always a blast (accidental pun makes life better).

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