Wings Over Houston Airshow 2016

Hi! Here are some pictures from the Wings Over Houston Airshow, 2017. It was a few months ago, and these were all taken with an iPhone, because I didn’t think to bring my camera :) Enjoy!

Curtis P40E N2416X

USAF C-17 Globemaster

F4U Corsair

USCG Eurocopter HH-65 Dolphin

F4U Corsair (Again)

(Click for better quality)

What do you think of these photos? Next year ill be sure to bring my camera along with a good lens!


Im in love with these photos! ! Especially the Coast Gaurd ones!

Did this airshow show any kind of “Flight??”

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Yes it did! But like I said, I had an iPhone and it doesn’t zoom too far ;)

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Nice! love the vibrancy

Proof that you can still capture good stuff even if you only have your phone to hand

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I’m not a big fan of military planes but I love these pics

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Nice pics! I also go there every year, it’s a pretty nice show. You can’t miss Tora Tora Tora.

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Awesome! That’s my favorite part of the show 👍🏻

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I don’t think those are corsairs, because the wing is flat before it folds.

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I’m not too sure either, I don’t know my military planes that well either, but it looked the most similar to this one when I looked it up

Did they have the USCG C-130H this year?

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Yeah, it’s in the background of picture #4.



Yeah this was before I knew what you were supposed to take pictures of 😂

Didn’t you go? I remember seeing a thread that you posted about going…

Edit: found it Wings Over Houston 2016


Are you sure these aren’t from WOH 2016? It’s in October, so I think these are from last year, since WOH 2017 hasn’t happened yet.

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Oh wow major typo, thanks for pointing that out

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Yeah, I did attend WOH 2016. Was a little confused because it said 2017 and I don’t remember it being this early in the year.

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Okay, that’s what I figured.

I never knew you lived down in Houston! A nice suprise!

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