Wings over houston 2022

Yesterday I went to ellington airport to watch the annual wings over houston airshow and I enjoyed it so much! I didnt get any shots of the WWII fighters but I got a few good shots so here you go.

First we got the B-52 on display here. I like how interesting the engines are

Next its the C130J on display aswell

This shot is my favorite! Its the B-29 and he was flying over demonstrating bombing runs. Whats really cool is that he started taxing straight to us and later put on display.

Now we have the L-39 doing some demos w/ smoke and I thought it was cool.

Then I saw the C17 parked but sadly it flew before we got to the airshow.

I liked this shot took of the C-5 galaxy. We went through the back and out the nose.

Now we have the grand finale! The blue angels!

And lastly the exit with a cool 707 on a podium

Hope you guys enjoyed! I definitely recommend it for next year if you get a chance!

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Those picture look great! I loved the Boeing 707.

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C-5 true beast


Amazing photos!

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im out of likes rn lol, but those are amazing pics! :D

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Awesome pictures

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Thank you! Me too!

Yes Thats why I love it

Thank you very much!

Thats alright! You can come back tomorrow! And thank you!

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Awesome! Wish I was there lol

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Thank you! Hope you get a chance to go next year!

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Yea lol this looked epic

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Yeah it was pretty cool.

@SWA1997 I think you would like to see this! I commented on your post last year and I never knew that I would be here this year! Its crazy

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