Wings of Freedom Tour - KOQU - North Kingstown, RI

If anybody is in the Rhode Island area over the next three days we have a few WWII aircraft visiting for walkthrough tours and some flights at Quonset State Airport.


Lucky you I love old warbirds

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I’ll be taking to the skies in the bombers on Thursday, I’m looking forward to it.

What bombers?

The B-17/24/25.

Your so lucky

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This came to Omaha a few months ago you can check out my spotting thread about it

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In Omaha??? Usually nothing like this happens in my small home airport.

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Yeah there is actually a big community of armed forces members here probably because of Offutt AFB.

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Some photos of my flight today in the B-25J Mitchell. Such an incredible experience.


The B-25 was in repairs so I dint see it but it looks like you had a great flight

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