Wings flapping on newer reworked aircraft

Watched the video and can’t see anything wrong… could you elaborate on the issue please?

see at the start how the wings are flexing up and down intensely?

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I see it now.

Not sure what the issue is. Made me laugh though.

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its frustrating because it happens alll the time

Also sometimes when i am pushing back it does the same thing and stops the push back

Looks a lot like your device is struggling to cope with your graphics settings to me.

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everything is on low, I have a 2015 Samsung galaxy tab a 8.0 (SM-T350)

Does this happen at a specific gate at a specific airport?

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I noticed this during replays

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nope, only with the newer reworked aircraft

mine is during live

It’s a known issue.
There’s no fix for it yet though.

Luckily you can always pushback out of it.

Don’t go back to the same position by going forward though, because the issue will return.

Where does it happen for you?

For me it happens at specific locations at certain airports and also with specific aircraft.

It’s not the device, the OS or connection.
It happens on all my devices, both iOS and Android, and on both Wi-Fi and cellular.

The location seems to be a important factor, so please let us know at which airport and at which gate/stand this happens.

I thought the wings had to flap? Isn’t that how planes fly?

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