Wings Flapping in Solo Flight when Time X5

Your Callsign

Singapore 377 (Will change as doing Flights on Non-beta Version and will update this thread accordingly)

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.2 (465)

Device Information

Galaxy A30S
Andriod 10


Flappy Wings in Solo Flight when in Time X5

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Start Solo Flight with 77W
  • Takeoff
  • Set Time to X5 after A/P on. Increase speed until wings start to flap

Expected results

Minimal to No movement in wings due A/P turned on, on cruise, climb, and descent

Actual results

Wings Flap (like a bird flying in the sky)

More Information

Unable to provide footage due device handling capability, recommend for fellow beta testers to replicate at own will and convenience. Unable to find any topic related to above-stated issue. May not be showstopper due Solo Flying, but still significant to users who choose to fly solo. It is actually a pretty funny one to be very honest, so do at your own amusement :) .

Is this not just normal wingflex but sped up?

IDK, I’m doing fuel testing on a 78X rn using x5 and there is no flapping. This might be related to larger time steps in the simulation.

The Wing tends to Flap up and down on my device. When I set Time X5 it tends to flap from no wing flex to full flex, when I come out of time X5, it tends to stay at either flex or no flex at all, it may be possible that it is only my device that gets it, but putting this out there for anyone able to replicate it

Not sure this is important enough to be sorted before the release.

and anyway, I’m unable to repo even with 49kt wind gusts. It moves quickly yes, but thats to be expected

I will try to get some footage if I can. This may be only on my device then

If this issue is unreplicable, it may just be a device issue then. If so, a mod or staff can close this thread. Thank you for your time

Side effect of the time scaling and won’t be fixed in this update. Thanks for the report!

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