Wings flapping and front gear turning left and right

I have this issue especially on the newer aircraft and reworked aircraft such as the 777, and 737. When my aircraft loads in, the wings flap up and down, then the front gear turns. when I push back it does it sometimes and makes the pushback stop because of the front gear moving. I don’t know why it does this.


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it happens to me when i tried to find proper performance on my older device, it causes to lag when it’s a busy airport. I recommend to turn off anti-aliansing, turn your aircraft count low-medium, try to set your graphics to low-medium.

Edit: Please check your memory and storage of your device for incase.


Is there a specific airport this occurs at? I know the question doesn’t make much sense but there was something like this reported at only one airport a while back

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I’m not sure but on my case it happened on a busy airport.

it happens at a few like Burbank and Sydney mainly plus a few others

Okay, if it happens again before this is automatically closed could you send a screen recording?

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