Winglet/winglet less option

A dev should clear this out, but I think it’s a great idea so for everyone can do their flights more accurate 😁

Bumping this. We really need this feature. It would give liveries a lot more customization and it would prevent them from being outdated eventually. Example being the Copa livery since they no longer have any 737s without split scimitars but we have the old copa 737 livery without split scimitars so having this feature would allow that livery to stay up to date and not require the livery to be redone in the future.

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Exactly, this feature will help those airlines who are updating their fleet with new type of winglets in RL and it will make the sim 10 times better!

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You definitely have my vote for this, I think we should be able to select winglets, scimitars, or split scimitars on aircraft. For example, on the 737 you’ll have some that have standard winglets, and you’ll have some with split scimitars. On the 757, you’ll see some with no winglets, standard winglets, or scimitars. I also think we should be able to choose on the E175 variants. The older E175’s and E170’s have those ugly, old winglets. (The E190 too) whereas the new E175 has those super long “enhanced winglets”.