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I hope y’all good during this quarantine, I’m here to talk a feature that I think everyone would love to have in the sim, the winglet and winglet less option, as you may know there’s multiple airlines which use their aircrafts in many configurations, a good example is delta with their 757-200s some of them with winglets and some of them without winglets or even scimitars with the 737.


Of course this might change in the future but my idea is to have a new button on the menu were we can be able to choose between having winglets or not depending on the airline and aircraft, this would also change the registrations, some airlines are changing their normal winglets for scimitars or other type of winglets mainly for fuel reasons, the purpose is to allow users to make any flight they’d always wanted to do with their favorite airline with a customizable configuration of winglets.

This will also involve airbus aircrafts such as the A320 family with their sharklets and wingtips, and it’ll work for the future reworks like the Embraer family.


On this example I chose one delta 757-200, this airline has this aircraft in 2 configurations, no winglet and with winglets.

I think it’s a great idea to be able to take full advantage from the 3D artists that actually took their time making all kind of winglets for different aircrafts, no other mobile simulator has done this, so I think is a good movement ✅

NOTE: This feature would only involve (aircraft and airlines) who have more than 1 configuration of winglets and for future reworks, so if your airline doesn’t count with a 737-800 with scimitars (for example) it won’t offer the option to put other type of winglets, it’s all gonna be based in real life.

What are your thoughts?
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I really like this idea as the winglet assignment seems a little bit random at times (not necessarily on the B757, but on the A320family) and it is a relatively little thing having a big impact on realism in my opinion.

To reduce the amount of liveries having to be saved and streamed (which is a big issue as far as I am aware), I could imagine that only one kind of configuration is shown to other players and only the person who is flying the plane could see the actual configuration.

Great idea!


Oh my goodness I’ve been thinking about this for the Boeing 737-700

I’m gonna remove a vote for this because I want it!




This sounds like a good idea! I voted!

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Wait, how did you select the option in the pic?

I edited it :)

Love this idea- would be more realistic for those small and charter airlines that lease aircraft. This would look nice on the 767 too.

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Thanks! But I thought it was real 🙃

I personally love this idea, and feel as this should be implemented into the simulator. Voted!

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Keep this thread active! Dont let it die!

This would take up a lot of storage, but definitely a good idea! Ill try clear up some votes.

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I would absolutely love this!
It might take a bit of scouring the inter webs to verify what configs each airline had.

Switching between engines would also be neat, for instance American has almost every engine + winglet combination on their A319/21 fleets (minus IAE/Sharklets on the 319 and CFM/Sharklets on the 321)

I would really like this as I would fly both versions and especially fly the boeing 757s older liveries with no winglets. AAL is one example

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Would this include a winglet or shark let option for aircraft like the a320?

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Yes, it is stated in the thread.

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I’m a fan of this idea!


Oops sorryC:

Awesome idea!

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I think this would be great at least for the generic livery.

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