Winglet Reflection

This is probably already in the direction of Reflective Lights, but this wish has not been formulated yet.

For the realism, it would be very nice especially at night flights when the winglets are also illuminated in the 737 family.

you could put something like that in the future if you bring in logo lights (this wish was already explained big)

Let me know how you find the idea

I do not think it’s a duplicate!
it is mentioned in the post, nothing that I have demanded here.

Lets keep this separate. The linked feature request above is for city lights to be reflected off the plane while this is asking for the wingtip light to be present.

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Yes, that’s it!

I just think an over all lights rework/addon would be nice. Including stuff like vertical stabilizer logo lights, winglet thing that you mentioned and city lights/glow, and visible lights on the ground. I could think of about a dozen more things

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Oh yeah ! The fact is that the lighting system has to be completely reworked!