Winging It: Life Lessons from Aviation


So I’m a real-world private pilot, working on my instrument and commercial certificates. My mom flies too, she’s working on her private license.

Through the course of our training, we’ve begun to see a slew of changes in our attitudes towards life - and the cause of most of it has been the flying training.

We’ve tried to put down some of these life lessons from aviation in a blog online, as we figured it might provide some nice reading material especially in these pandemic-ed times.

Do check it out, and I hope you like it. We update it regularly as we learn and discover new lessons. Stay safe out there!

Also, if any of you have any stories about how flying changed your attitude towards life, please do reply below!


Guy on IFC: Says he’s a pilot
Me and @JarrettFlies:
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Haha! That’s an idea I’ve actually never considered - having a podcast on this topic. I’m better with writing than speaking for now, I think!


Dang, we have been looking in the depths for a podcast guest.


Better luck next time, Mattheus.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we didn’t get him.


Posted a new one about recoveries from a spin, do check it out!

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