What exactly is wingflex?

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When the wings of the aircraft bend while adjusting to certain weather environments.

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Should this be in #real-world-aviation?

There is wingflex in IF. I think that’s what he’s asking about.

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Please don’t take this the wrong way, but why wouldn’t you just Google that?


Because we forum members can use images or our expertise to explain it in the easiest way


I tried googling it, and it gave me EXAMPLES and VIDEOS not what IT IS.

Also, why it is used

If you have no issue with that then fair enough, but the majority of people I see here tell people who are asking simple questions to do the legwork themselves. As I said though, if you don’t mind answering the questions then good for you.

In this case you are right, other than Yahoo answers (which isn’t entirely reliable, to say the least), there isn’t really a simple definition. My apologies.

Well wing flex is there so the wings are eased and won’t break so easily. It happens also when there is weather or turbulence. That’s all i got. I tried.

Here’s something I got off StackExchange (this is the 787 in particular, but I believe it applies for most aircraft):

The wings of the Boeing 787 are so flexible because its carbon fiber material can be stretched more, and the high aspect ratio of 11 will magnify this effect. In flight the consequences are:

  • Less shaking due to gusts, because the wing will dampen load changes more effectively.
  • Delayed aileron response, because the lift change due to aileron deflection will first bend the wing before it starts to roll the aircraft.

On the ground one consequence is:

  • The wing might have less tip clearance, because less in-built dihedral is needed - the rest is supplied by the wing’s elasticity in flight.

In general, wing flex is like the suspension in a car. It costs a little bit of performance but gives a much smoother ride.


Thanks, I think I get the idea much better.

Go to solo on infinite flight. Pick the 787. Put everything in the wether part to max. Takeoff and look at the wings :)

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