Wingflex on the B777-200ER! (#DontGetFooled)

Took the the brand new B777-200ER for a spin over Japan after coming out of the maintenance hangars! Anyone else enjoying it? 😏🤪

Route: April
Server: Fools
Flight Time: Day

This is a photoshop edit so don’t go checking your AppStores lol! Happy April Fools Day!


Where is the Chemtrails?

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You mean “contrails”?

They are electric so they don’t put out any CO2 😏

Hate to be that person but with the new #screenshots-and-videos category you cannot post anything that is not yet in the sim or photoshop anything. Wingflex is yet to come. :)
The mods ultimately have the conclusion of if they’ll allow this to be open or not. Nice shot though! :)

Read up more about the rule above if your interested.


I like it xD
Although these photoshops aren’t allowed, you did one very good job I really like it :)

You fool, chemtrails. They are totally real.

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Ah dang! I will leave it up to the mods then. Thanks for letting me know Asher! :)

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Photoshops adding elements that are not in the sim are not allowed. Thanks for understanding.