Wingflex on the 747-8

Let’s not forget that the 747-8 has the same wing mechanisms as its little brother, the B787. I think that the 747-8 will look just as beautiful with wing flex as the 787 does! You can see the minimal wing flex in this video. (Skip to 19:35 for the takeoff).

Let me know what you guys think. :)


Wingflex on any plane is good :)

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Yup. I’m feeling it. Don’t fly the 748 much but I would if it had wing flex ;)

Please, this plane looks wonderful with wingflex!

I have to agree here, wingflex on the B748 would be so cool.

Wouldn’t this be a duplicate?


No. That’s just Wing flex in general. That’s just like making a request for the B727 and then somebody requests a specific livery on that aircraft.

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Stick to the wing flex topic.