Wingflex for the 747-400

Eh stuff like replies in comment sections on insta

You can find information regarding the A330 here.

There aren’t many but yeh

I’d more like the A220 actually

CS100/CS300 won’t be that bad of an addition but they need to update old planes first

The 717 will never get a rework lol

sad 717 noises

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agreed. quite a lot to do then. 747, A380, A340-600, 767, 717

5 years and counting lads

They’ve left the best for last I guess?

Hopefully this answered your question, I’ve flagged the topic for closure :)

Here’s to 5 more! 😂😂

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wait why did you do that?

Because the question has been answered and the topic is spiralling far away from its original purpose.

Hardly a suck up ;)

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This is a conversation loosely based on it

rest in peace convo

That was me. Wanna continue?



21.1 - 30 Days Ago
21.2 - 12 Days Ago
21.3 - ?

Trust me. It hasn’t been a while. :)

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