Wingflex for the 747-400

Cmere lads, it’s been a while since 21.1 dropped, even 21.2. Any chance of the 744 finally getting wingflex for 21.3? There’s already gear tilt, and the 748 already has wingflex. Why not add it for the 744?

Ps. Wingflex for the other 747 variants would be awesome too.

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Opp I must have eye problems! I thought the 744 did have wing flex xD

Nah not that I can see.

Nah this is a general thing, not a feature request. I was asking if there was any chance of it getting added since the 748 already has it

I think we should just wait for the rework tbh

I highly doubt wingflex for the 747-400 will get introduced in 21.3 since it’s been made known that the next update will feature the a330 rework

Grand so we’ll just wait and beg for another 3 years. 😂

It wont be that long I expect

Well the 21.1 update had wingflex for the 748 and a bunch of buildings so…

The 747-8 was given wingflex and gear tilt as part of work IF did with, I believe, national geographic.

Chances are the other variants will get it in the future, but it may not be until we get a rework. Wingflex isn’t the easiest thing to add in, and I’m sure the same is true for the gear tilt. Yes I know the 748 already has it, but it’s also a different aircraft.


Idk, judging by how slow things have been lately I won’t be surprised.

I’m waiting for the Embraers

Well unfortunately I think that’s gonna be a while too 😂

I’d say the next addition to the game will either be some sort of plane nobody asked for (like the xcub) or the CS100/CS300.

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747 wingflex question, not a “what aircraft do you want” wishlist

Oh I hope not

It’s general for a reason calm down

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How do you know that the A330 is coming in the next update?

No one does but there’s been hints.

what kind of hints?

Yeah I havent seen that many