Wing Waving

As I was scrolling through my endless recommended aviation section on Youtube, I found an interesting video. The video was abut wing waving, which is when the pilots move the plane left and right or vice versa really doesn’t matter while taking off. This is a very dangerous maneuver as well because you could roll too far and go into a bank angle, or loose control of the aircraft. I thought this was pretty cool, let me know what you guys think! JAL 787 Wild Wing Wave Delivery Flight @ KPAE Paine Field - YouTube


Looks really cool! From the videos I saw these were delivery flights, so this (and the prior test flights) are one of the only times pilots can take these planes to their max potential. Not to mention, these are usually the best of the best pilots from these airlines performing these flights. Obviously they won’t do it with passengers aboard. But very interesting, thanks for the share.

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Great idea,

but it got me wondering, wich manufacture started the wave?

I saw a video of a UPS pilot doing it in his last flight (in the 747-400F).

Not really. If it was they would never do it. They have full control over the aircraft, and it’s mostly done when departing from the manufacturer airfield (Boeing Airfield in this case) to wave a “final goodbye”. It’s not dangerous at all :)

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Ive seen a lot of Thomas Cook especially use the rudder to wave to people when there aren’t any passengers onboard

Easy, just turn off the yaw damper and dutch roll it! ;)


Haha, right you are :)

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