Wing Views

Wing views : Do you like a wing view? Here’s a handful of snaps.
1.QF747 over Antarctica

2.CX350 Departing through clouds

3.TG777 Arriving Bangkok

4.VA737 Severe crosswind Landing YSSY

5.DeltaMD11 High Above

6.EK380 Approaching Dubai

7.AirAsia A330 Touch Down

8.ANZ787 Rotate

Thanks for viewing :)


I like number 5 😍🤩


Thanks mate 🙏

I have never seen such a stunning view of Antarctica before!

Great views, not sure if the second picture is allowed, since clouds doesn’t exist in Infinite Flight yet.


Thanks mate , yeh JNB-SYD with a slightly deeper track gives great photo op.

Wow! Amazing pictures! My favorites are 1,2,5 🤩

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Yeah I love wing views they epic

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Love these shots <3

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I just wish the wing views can be more optional. I mean have more different views on the engine and wing. I hope they bring that in 20.2

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My favourite one 😍


I think this violates the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos category because this is real life this should be in the #real-world-aviation category.

I am joking but these are really good pictures


Gotta say, these are just insanely good.

Just note this for the future:

  • No additional features can be introduced into a shot. This includes, but is not limited to, rain, snow, non-IF aircraft, or liveries

I’m not gonna ask for closure myself but I just want to remind you.


No he’s just a really good editor that’s all! Those clouds have been added by himself I can tell that that is the infinite flight a359


No. 6 looks so good

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Yep noted my bad 🙁, I actually didn’t know that rule . Oversight on my behalf re: weather elements .

Maybe we will be lucky enough to see real IF based clouds introduced one day …

Here’s the same pic without to keep it within rules ? 🙂


I loved it! 😍😝

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