Wing View

I’ve noticed that on most airplanes in IF have the wing view extremely zoomed out - sometimes it’s so zoomed out that it shows the elevator/empennage.

Here’s what I mean:

Normal view:


What it should look like:


It’s definitely not a game changer, but I find it a little unsatisfying because I usually have it on that view on longer flights. Having the wing view a little more zoomed in - on all aircraft - would add to realism.


Different Individuals have different preferences on views. You may like a zoomed in view, but others might like a zoomed out view, hence why you are able to zoom in and out on almost every view.

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It is honestly a good spot that you realised. What I do every time it’s just zoom back out and everything is all good~

It’s not exactly a “preference” issue, it’s about realism. In real life it wouldn’t be that zoomed out at all.

The CRJ-700 window view is fantastic, showing the inside of the plane and at the same time not being zoomed out too much.

maybe because its not window view? i hope the a350 and the upcoming 777 rework will have multiple views just like the CRJ

I have never been on an aircraft with a wing view like in IF. Perhaps a more zoomed in view could be set to standard (as it is more realistic) and then each user could change it based on their preferences. Would be a good feature request!

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True, it’s not. But since most aircraft don’t have a proper window view, the wing view is substituted. And yeah, I hope newer aircraft come with a proper wing view.

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