Wing View

I would think the idea of this wing view would look realistic for Infinite flight. I personally would thing this would look cool. Tell me what you think!✈️image

No. I don’t think this is needed at all because it looks the same to what we have already.


Good point well made. We already have this in the game, we don’t need another one.


I do wish we could use something like free cam and lock the view to how we want and have it move with the plane


Is that your photo? If not, please add photo credits to the original author or simply credit yourself - thanks.

I personally don’t think we need more wing view cameras. Rather, we should have the ability to lock the free cam, as mentioned before, and choose the wing view, or any other view, to our liking. :)


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There is a similar feature about this here

Also, it is much harder for the devs to add 1 good wingview, because then everyone will want a good view for every plane.
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Photo credit: @thefloridaaviator

Never mind then about the topic.✈️

A free camera at the plane would really make sense IMO

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Yes, absolutely. That would be awesome. Maybe that’s what i was trying to say.

Actually what I was thinking:-)


I thought this topic was over

Are you saying we need to change the angle of the wing view? I never even use that!

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Also found a very similar topic:

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This is practically the same view we already have.

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Topic is OVER. Thank you.