Wing view photo

Hello 🤓 I’m currently doing a flight and I would like to share this photo

No editing done

Casual Server
Tam 777-300
KORD[Chicago O’HARE] > KSFO[San Francisco]

Topic with full flight photos coming after I land


Nice photo, but it’s almost un-viewable because of the time in game. I suggest changing the time in-game so people can see the scenery!

Hi there! As @Stellar_G stated, the lighting makes it really hard to see the scenery. I would recommend also to use the Replay Mode on the home screen to take screenshots in high quality and without the home bar (On iPhone X’s and Ipad Pro’s)

Thanks @ItsBlitz @Stellar_G I thanks you for helping me with the suggestion, you helped me for the future and to be a great IFC Member The photos have been updated. I got some more 🤪


Great views! Do you know where is it?

That 2nd photo 😍😍😍

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