Wing View - Noise Muffling

I think that when on the Wing View the noise should be decreased to make it sound more like your on the inside of the plane, not standing on the wing itself.
Maybe the engine sound could just be a little bit muffled to give it this effect.


this is my last Feature Request for today, don’t worry

Yes I agree with this. I always mute my iPad when on wing view. I would vote but don’t have votes left. I will see what I can do ;)


Technically, if you turn the camera you can see you’re on the wing if I remember well.


I see what you mean, however, the wing view cameras are technically all on the exterior of the aircraft so the sound, in reality, wouldn’t be muffled.

A “window/interior” wing view would have to be implemented before the sound can be muffled, in my opinion. :)


Totally agree with this ,though I wish I had votes but I don’t😔

Great idea, I’ll be voting!

It’s a good idea but I also agree with @Nathan the camera is technically on the wing

Yep, in total agreement, maybe FDS should add a inside camera view before they muffle it.

Dang it… I wish I had more votes…

The reverse thrust sound needs to be decreased by a LOT too


I completely agree and have really noticed this since getting IF. The thing is, the wing view is probably purposely positioned outside the plane. This could turn into a request for a cabin wing view.


Even the shaking is annoying on the camera

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Well yeah, that just basically confirms the wing view should be inside the cabin 🤷🏻‍♂️
Maybe the cabin windows would then need textures.

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Look at my new topic here |


actually the view is inside. if you take the wing view and slide it right down all the way to the bottom, it says “on board/right wing”, so i would she’d thought that meant it’s in the interior


The topic has been close…

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Ye, they said it was a duplicate

This really does need to be added. It kind of ruins the view if you ask me when it sounds like I’m holding onto the wing of an aircraft for dear life.

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I agree. It would make IF way more realistic.

Mute your tablet and play some airplane cabin sound on Spotify on another device or in the background on your tablet… perfection for right now! Was doing that last night, lol. :)

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