Wing view b777-300ER

Hi guys!! I wanted to know if we get a good and clear view of the whole wing and engine in seats 3A,4A,5A in Boeing 777-300er
I recently travelled in a B777-200LR and this is the view I had

The 777-300er is longer the the -200LR, can somebody provide a picture of wing and engine from the above mentioned seats


That’s awesome isn’t a business or first class usually in front of the engines?

Yes it is in every airline

I have one in my profile pic ;)

I am flying Emirates business class AMD-DXB-FLL. I have seats 7a and 9a. 9a is close to the engines so i will post pics. This is the return flight so it will be during January.

Your profile pic is from the back of the plane, I need one from the front

Sorry then no :(

Sure thanks!! Do try to record the engine start and the full takeoff

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No problemo

Not sure about the 77W, but this is the view I had from 5A on an AA 772.

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Those are the RR Engines right??

Not sure to be honest - that flight was more than a year ago.

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Haha ok😂😂!!

The wingspan of a 77L is the same as the 77W.

Yeah but the seats 4A or 5A are more away from the wing in the 77W than they are in the 77L

I only have one of the wing

I want to be onboard in a 777! 😭 But cool picture honestly

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Thankyou very much

Wow, are you in first class? Lucky! The biggest plane I’ve ever been on is a 757-300 American Airlines KMIA-KJFK and that was when I was 1 year old. I’m depressed. Haha so many big planes that I’m missing out on:)

The only time I was on a B77W I was in row 38 and 41…