Wing Vibration

As shown in the new 787 video, the wing does not vibrate or shudder when the wheels come in contact with the runway upon landing and as the wheels roll along the tarmac.
I know I’m being picky but I would really like that effect added :-)


This would be cool if they implemented it!


That’s what I was about to say. We already are going to have wing flex

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Yeah, it kind of makes you think that this is about wing flex for the 787, while it’s the wing vibrating on touchdown.

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Wouldn’t the wings also bend a little when the flaps extend and spoilers come up? That would be a nice little wing feature

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At least we have working flaperons

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The wing flexs on touch down not vibrates.

Not completed though!.. @Boodz_G i almost asked him for a video of the vibrating 787 wing…the flex at touchdown is what he means right?btw the current cockpit vibration sound will make that feature more realistic…it seems Laura’s gonna curve every tiny detail of the 787 people are keen more than ever now

I think the wing flexs randomly.

What do you mean by that

I mean the wing in real life flex because of gust but in the game the think it flex randomly.

Nop i don’t think so!Check out Laura’s IG

I think it may of been hard to tell because I pretty sure it was in slow motion. It might not have been though.

Whats this vibration everyone is talking about? Like how the wings bump when on the ground?

I think you mean Wong flex.

You mean Wing flex?!

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Oh, yes i mean wing flex!

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The flex is calculated by lift generated by the wing only, no other forces are taken into account (at this time).

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I mean when the wing bumps when the aircraft lands