Wing splitting 717

Seems like wind is slowly tearing apart the 717 wing…
Or is it supposed to be this way?

You mean that part of the wing is coloured?

Yeah, the part that is circled

It separates from the other part of the wing.

Maybe is just a little defect when the plane was being painted. I mean they painted a little bit far the fuselage.

The gray from the white?

Yeah but it’s actually separated, not just painted wrong. I’ll get a better screenshot hang on.

Remember the 717 is an old aircraft so it might not be as well designed/made compared to the new aircraft!


Yes, it’s more to the front then the white part.

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I know, but in case the devs rework it, this might need fixing too.

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Those are slats, helps the front of the wing Locke flaps for the back for climb and descent :)


Thank you.

But remember as @JDE1303 said, is an old model

Here’s a pic :)

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Uuhm, sorry, where in the pic are the slats?

To the right

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Are those the most apparent in your face things sticking out?


Seems a bit more extreme then the IF version of them.

They can be extended/retracted. If you fly the 747 and watch the wing while you deploy flaps, you’ll see the slats at the front deploy also.

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