Wing registration designs

Hello IF community!

This does not need a voting thing or anything, I just need an opinion.

Should IF add more Wing registrations to liveries that have them?

For example this:

This image from google shows registration on the wings.

Even on the 787s! You can see them right now!

The JAL livery on the -9 does not have Wing Registration but in reality it does. The ANA -10 also does not have wing registration like the real thing. The only thing I can notice is the fact that the newer planes have the wing registration. The ANA and JAL 777s have the Wing Registration design. Is this because of the newer plane refresh? Please tell me your opinions or any disagreements/answers you might have.



I’m pretty sure that this is the reason.

The JAL 789 and ANA 789 (confirmed on the roadmap) will hopefully have the Wing Reg.

I once read about it somewhere (can’t remember it exactly), that the reason behind this is that texture mapping on models like B787 family are outdated and does not support advanced feature like wing reg and markings.
This is also the reason why SWA Freedom One cannot be added at this time.

This will be rectified when the model gets a rework.

No. The reason it’s not being added are due to the special livery policy implemented a while back.

But other than that - yes. Some older models have parts that can’t have certain textures on them.


OK, thanks for the correction.

That is what I thought in the first place, I just wanted to see what the real reason is and to confirm it.

Another quick question but do you know a more ‘in depth’ reason to why there is no wing registrations? If not, I then conclude the answer to be ‘Old model and texturing’. Thanks!

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